The Real Risks You Run If You Hang Fake Certificates On Your Office Wall

There’s a risk if you display fraud documents on your wall. However, that will depend on what reason and what is behind displaying fake certificates on the wall.

If the person has genuinely attained that degree or achievement, but the real certificate is missing, or the school has not yet sent the certificate, then there is no risk to that. Anybody can call or contact the school to verify if you are definitely a graduate of that particular school.

When you have not graduated from a particular degree

One of the risks when you hang fake certificated on your office wall if you have not actually graduated on that specific course. When someone will call the school and check if you have graduated or not, then you are in big trouble.

It’s okay to hang a fake certificate if you lost your real one or maybe the school had not sent it to you yet. You can hang a fake one in your office just to display your credentials. You can also hang a fake one if you want to keep the original document safe and preserved.

Practicing a career that you have not attained

It’s dangerous to practice a particular profession that you have not obtained on a university. Criminal charges can be filed against you and will eventually lead to imprisonment. So if you post fake documents on your wall, make sure you have attained it. What do we mean by that?

Well, the original documents could be missing or damaged, so you need to display a custom made type of certificate. So when they do a background check on your profession, that fake document hanging on your wall will not be an issue. After all, if your professionalism is unquestionable and your skill and abilities in that particular profession are impeccable, no one will question the hanging documents.