The Best Rooms In A House For A Fireplace

With the modern technology we are all enjoying, it’s almost a dream come true for a homeowner to be able to add a hint of tradition in their homes.

If you thought about fireplaces, you’re right. Before all these modern heating systems that’s taking over the entire world, fireplaces made their mark in history. Probably even until now, some homeowners still prefer the warmth that a fireplace (peisovn) can bring instead of a heater.

So, if you’re planning to put a fireplace inside your house, you must take the following things into consideration first.

  1. Type of fireplace you wish to install
  • There are three types of fireplaces that you can choose from:
  • Wood-burning fireplace
  • Gas fireplace
  • Ethanol or isopropyl fireplace

Wood-burning and gas fireplaces are the types that require vents as they emit smoke and some toxic fumes.  As such, you need to place them in areas where they can be flued to the outdoors.

  • Layout
  • Current heating system used
  • Refers to whether or not you’re using a heater
  • Lifestyle

With these considerations in mind, you can now decide where to install your dream fireplace. Here are some suggestions from the experts.

  1. Center of the home
  • Provides stunning visual effect
  • Even heat distribution
  • Can serve as a partition in between rooms
  • Best placed in areas where you spend most of your time with the family
  • Side
  • Balances the heating and the design effect by installing two fireplaces on either side of the floor.
  • You can install a duct system to distribute heat to farther corners of the house.
  • Double-sided heating
  • Check for scenic vistas through the gap.
  • Consider see-through units for unobstructed views.
  • Corner of the home
  • Best for those who do not want their fireplaces as the centrepiece of their homes
  • Ideal places: kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining area
  • Suspended type
  • Sometimes come with a rotation feature for heat shifting in the direction you want
  • Outdoors
  • Perfect for families who love spending time in the backyard

You can always ask for the opinion of an expert for better options.