Memories That Last Forever: Personalized Invitation Cards

It was back in the middle ages when invites are made via shouting at the rooftop. Anyone who heard could come. That is the informal way of invitation, through the word of mouth. For wealthy people during that time, they have to hire the calligraphy skills of a local monk to do the personal handwritten wedding invitation. This personal wedding invite will be sealed with the family crest made of wax then delivered to make sure that the honored guests will receive it. ThisThis wedding invitation will then be kept as a memoir from the celebrant or newly weds.

Memorable Invitations

There is nothing more memorable than personalized invitations. Commercial grade invitation doesn’t look authentic because it doesn’t reflect the aesthetic of the celebrants nor the celebration. Commercial invitations like commercial wedding invitations usually are for announcement purpose only which later will just end up in the trash. However, personalized invitation makes a difference because it adds value to the invitation.

Whether it’s baby shower invitation, birthday invitation, wedding invitation, housewarming invitation, engagement invitation. Farewell invitation like graduation, religious rites of passages like baptismal and christening, casual gatherings like holiday invites. Or even bucks and hens like bachelor and bachelorette party invitation, all these types of invitations can be made and ordered, click here.

The beauty of creating a memorable invitation is imparting something dear from the celebrant. It creates memories especially if you will come to the celebration. A memorable invitation is more creative especially if it includes DIY or a part was created and handwritten by the celebrants, thus, putting more emphasis on the importance of the occasion and making it more special. Nowadays, personalized invitation is preferred by many millennial couples as it makes more statement and creativity is the trend.