How To Choose The Right Elecric Transformers For Your Needs

Electricity plays a huge part in our day to day lives. Most of the activities we do and things we use utilizes the power of electricity. Because of this, different sectors such as residential, commercial, and industrial make use of electricity to operate. They use various machines and tools to properly operate electrical power. Among these machines is an Electrical Transformer.

What is a Transformer?

Transformers are used to transfer changing voltage to different currents. It allows varying voltage power to supply the electricity at a certain level of consistency depending on your needs. Because of this machine, it is easier for residential areas to acquire electricity with the right power level.

Types of Transformers

There are different types of electric transformers with varying purposes. Examples are power transformer, distribution transformer, and instrument transformer. So how do you choose the right transformer for your needs?

  • Identify your voltage requirement

Depending on your voltage requirement, there is a specific voltage attach to that. For example, a higher voltage requirement of greater than 33 kV requires Power Transformer while lower than 33 kV asks for Distribution Transformer.

  • Know your needed load

Will your transformer be operating in a heavy load at nearly 100% efficiency? Or at a lower load of 50% to 70% efficiency is enough? Different transformers have different load capacities, so it is crucial to identify first your load requirement.

  • For what are you planning to build this transformer for?

It is important to consider this for transformers varies depending on how and what you will use it for. For instance, you are planning to build a residential area, then a distribution transformer is enough because residential do not require high power voltage and heavy loads since usage is fluctuating depending only on consumer usage.

Perfect Match for Your Needs

Although there are several types of transformers with different purposes, looking for the best quality one is still on priority. Blackhawk Supply has all different types of transformers with varying options for primary and secondary current all in high quality. It perfectly matches your needs whatever reason you have in mind.