Do Canvas Prints Fade?

Before we tackle with the question of canvas print fading, let us first take into account what canvas print is all about. It is the hot item in the photo printing business these days as services providing this are popping up. All are promising a transformation of the digital photo into a wall-worthy item of canvas art. But the basic information about canvas print will gradually provide the knowledge that can even answer the above question.

Why use canvas?

Creating an impression is one reason of choosing canvas. They are perfect in the sense that- not simply due to its being typically large, but because canvas provides viewers with a certain impression through the way light is reflected in it. And the mere fact that it is associated with the antiquity of paintings as in “canvas” and “art” makes it stand out adding more dimensions to the whole image.

Do canvas prints fade?

Canvas print fades but the rate of fading is relative to the many variables that are used in the making of this canvas print such as the canvas type itself, the ink used in the printing, the lamination and the environmental elements that can magnify the whole fading process. Learn the whole story.

Let’s discuss each

  1. Canvas – should be that of the best quality, an archival grade of poly-cotton blend with a strong and tight weave that has no special additives or any agents.
  2. The ink use ideally should be pigmented inks that can provide better permanence display over the dye-based inks.
  3. Prints are composed of wide selection of colors which can result in a beautifully vibrant, realistic and deep color reproduction.
  4. After that they are  manually treated with archival certified ultra-protection satin finish which ensures that there is no cracking, flaking, bubbles and has a tough UV light  damage protection, anti-fungal protection and protection from moisture and abrasion which prevents scuffing and fading.

Final Take Like everything canvas printing has its own downside. Do not think that since this is a digital printing process the reproduction will be perfect – still canvas printing is also an art in itself that is why color reproduction may not be as perfect. So consider return and warranty policies when ordering to be on the safe side.