The Latest From Japan: Anime Streetwear

Modern Japanese culture is filled with idiosyncratic quirks that are impossible to ignore. Fortunately, this extends to the scope of fashion as well. This article will explain what the anime style of streetwear is, who wears it, and why you might want to take note — because this trend has major potential for growth outside of Japan.

What is Anime Streetwear?

First of all, anime streetwear is a subculture that blends elements from both fashion and pop culture to create a distinctive aesthetic. The term ‘Anime’ refers to Japanese animation — particularly the style of art and culture that surrounds many of Japan’s most popular animated series. ‘Streetwear’ describes a collection of clothing trends that have become ubiquitous in the world of fashion.

Streetwear outfits can include anything from graphic tees to hoodies, sneakers, hats, legwear, accessories, and more. Designs are often bright, loud, and highly graphic in nature, with many pieces also incorporating bold text and illustrations.

Why is Anime Streetwear So Popular In Japan?

Anime-style streetwear emerged in the mid-2000s and has since become a thriving subculture in its own right. The popularity of this fashion trend is largely because it is rooted in Japanese culture. This is particularly true of Japan’s love of anime, an animated art form that is native to the country and has a long history.

Japanese culture is famous for its tendency toward the creative and the whimsical, and this is certainly reflected in the country’s taste in fashion. This is particularly appealing to people who enjoy the ‘weird’ side of Japanese fashion — the side that is filled with quirky, outlandish trends.

Where can you find Anime Streetwear?

The best way to find this type of streetwear is to look for brands that specialize in this niche. There are several online retailers that stock a wide range of apparel and accessories that fall into such a category — and in addition to offering a wide variety of products, many of these sites also have a store locator feature that makes it easy to find retailers near you.