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Does CBD Fight Cancer?

Cannabidiol: A Brief Background

A cousin of cannabis/marijuana, the CBD (Cannabidiol) is still considered illegal in some countries. The means of consuming it has been deemed controversial. However, both unpublished and published medical journals further support its effectiveness in treating some harsh chronic illnesses. In fact, claims from both recognized and unrecognized medical sources suggest that CBD can treat cancer.

To synthesize various medical claims about its cancer-treating potency, it can be further deduced that CBD and other cannabis therapies reinforce cancer treatments. If you look closely into this angle, you would understand that there is more to it than meets the eye.

  1. It does not treat directly, but effectively strengthens the effect of the therapy to the cancer cells.
  2. Its main help is strongly felt when chemotherapy is ongoing. Based on experience, the effects of chemotherapy are utterly unpleasant. And CBD happens to dull these effects to an extent. In a sense, it reinforces the therapy by downing its side effects.
  3. It instantly blocks the effects of pain and nausea. How? It deals with the brain’s CB2 receptors, the receptors responsible for transmitting pain sensation to the brain.
  4. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) it does not make you “stoned”. So, using it would nevertheless feel normal for most cancer patients.
  5. It works with the least side effects (although it does have its side effects).

The Side-Effects of CBD include:

  • Cotton-mouth sensation
  • Tiredness
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of Appetite

So, Does it CBD Really Fight Cancer?

For years now, experts are still looking for a more solid link between CBD and cancer. What we know of so far is that there is “high fighting promise”, like what is seen of the Royal CBD strand. But still, in the medico-science standard, more studies are to be conducted.

In the right time, in sync with the widespread mobilization, control and legalization of cannabis medicine, we should be able to come up with a direct answer to such a direct question, “Does CBD fight cancer?”

Memories That Last Forever: Personalized Invitation Cards

It was back in the middle ages when invites are made via shouting at the rooftop. Anyone who heard could come. That is the informal way of invitation, through the word of mouth. For wealthy people during that time, they have to hire the calligraphy skills of a local monk to do the personal handwritten wedding invitation. This personal wedding invite will be sealed with the family crest made of wax then delivered to make sure that the honored guests will receive it. ThisThis wedding invitation will then be kept as a memoir from the celebrant or newly weds.

Memorable Invitations

There is nothing more memorable than personalized invitations. Commercial grade invitation doesn’t look authentic because it doesn’t reflect the aesthetic of the celebrants nor the celebration. Commercial invitations like commercial wedding invitations usually are for announcement purpose only which later will just end up in the trash. However, personalized invitation makes a difference because it adds value to the invitation.

Whether it’s baby shower invitation, birthday invitation, wedding invitation, housewarming invitation, engagement invitation. Farewell invitation like graduation, religious rites of passages like baptismal and christening, casual gatherings like holiday invites. Or even bucks and hens like bachelor and bachelorette party invitation, all these types of invitations can be made and ordered, click here.

The beauty of creating a memorable invitation is imparting something dear from the celebrant. It creates memories especially if you will come to the celebration. A memorable invitation is more creative especially if it includes DIY or a part was created and handwritten by the celebrants, thus, putting more emphasis on the importance of the occasion and making it more special. Nowadays, personalized invitation is preferred by many millennial couples as it makes more statement and creativity is the trend.

The Real Risks You Run If You Hang Fake Certificates On Your Office Wall

There’s a risk if you display fraud documents on your wall. However, that will depend on what reason and what is behind displaying fake certificates on the wall.

If the person has genuinely attained that degree or achievement, but the real certificate is missing, or the school has not yet sent the certificate, then there is no risk to that. Anybody can call or contact the school to verify if you are definitely a graduate of that particular school.

When you have not graduated from a particular degree

One of the risks when you hang fake certificated on your office wall if you have not actually graduated on that specific course. When someone will call the school and check if you have graduated or not, then you are in big trouble.

It’s okay to hang a fake certificate if you lost your real one or maybe the school had not sent it to you yet. You can hang a fake one in your office just to display your credentials. You can also hang a fake one if you want to keep the original document safe and preserved.

Practicing a career that you have not attained

It’s dangerous to practice a particular profession that you have not obtained on a university. Criminal charges can be filed against you and will eventually lead to imprisonment. So if you post fake documents on your wall, make sure you have attained it. What do we mean by that?

Well, the original documents could be missing or damaged, so you need to display a custom made type of certificate. So when they do a background check on your profession, that fake document hanging on your wall will not be an issue. After all, if your professionalism is unquestionable and your skill and abilities in that particular profession are impeccable, no one will question the hanging documents.

Do Canvas Prints Fade?

Before we tackle with the question of canvas print fading, let us first take into account what canvas print is all about. It is the hot item in the photo printing business these days as services providing this are popping up. All are promising a transformation of the digital photo into a wall-worthy item of canvas art. But the basic information about canvas print will gradually provide the knowledge that can even answer the above question.

Why use canvas?

Creating an impression is one reason of choosing canvas. They are perfect in the sense that- not simply due to its being typically large, but because canvas provides viewers with a certain impression through the way light is reflected in it. And the mere fact that it is associated with the antiquity of paintings as in “canvas” and “art” makes it stand out adding more dimensions to the whole image.

Do canvas prints fade?

Canvas print fades but the rate of fading is relative to the many variables that are used in the making of this canvas print such as the canvas type itself, the ink used in the printing, the lamination and the environmental elements that can magnify the whole fading process. Learn the whole story.

Let’s discuss each

  1. Canvas – should be that of the best quality, an archival grade of poly-cotton blend with a strong and tight weave that has no special additives or any agents.
  2. The ink use ideally should be pigmented inks that can provide better permanence display over the dye-based inks.
  3. Prints are composed of wide selection of colors which can result in a beautifully vibrant, realistic and deep color reproduction.
  4. After that they are  manually treated with archival certified ultra-protection satin finish which ensures that there is no cracking, flaking, bubbles and has a tough UV light  damage protection, anti-fungal protection and protection from moisture and abrasion which prevents scuffing and fading.

Final Take Like everything canvas printing has its own downside. Do not think that since this is a digital printing process the reproduction will be perfect – still canvas printing is also an art in itself that is why color reproduction may not be as perfect. So consider return and warranty policies when ordering to be on the safe side.

Beautiful, Shiny And Forever: Metal Prints

Years ago we had pictures that require films and developing processes to be able to get those printed images for us to keep as a way of remembering those occasions that mean so much to us. But as years passed, most of these pictures have already faded; some have discolorations while others are not even visible anymore as moist have left its mark on the paper. It is sad to think how much efforts we have put into saving them but due to the old technology, it was just not possible. Not until now, with metal prints.

What are the qualities of metal prints?

  1. this site has the details.

Final take
It is time to customize your photos in metal prints and enjoy the clarity and resolution that can bring clear memories over time. With this, you can muse over the past events and it will seem like it was just yesterday that the weddings of your daughters happened, or you saw your first grandson. Create them not for yourself but for the next generation too.

The Best Rooms In A House For A Fireplace

With the modern technology we are all enjoying, it’s almost a dream come true for a homeowner to be able to add a hint of tradition in their homes.

If you thought about fireplaces, you’re right. Before all these modern heating systems that’s taking over the entire world, fireplaces made their mark in history. Probably even until now, some homeowners still prefer the warmth that a fireplace (peisovn) can bring instead of a heater.

So, if you’re planning to put a fireplace inside your house, you must take the following things into consideration first.

  1. Type of fireplace you wish to install
  • There are three types of fireplaces that you can choose from:
  • Wood-burning fireplace
  • Gas fireplace
  • Ethanol or isopropyl fireplace

Wood-burning and gas fireplaces are the types that require vents as they emit smoke and some toxic fumes.  As such, you need to place them in areas where they can be flued to the outdoors.

  • Layout
  • Current heating system used
  • Refers to whether or not you’re using a heater
  • Lifestyle

With these considerations in mind, you can now decide where to install your dream fireplace. Here are some suggestions from the experts.

  1. Center of the home
  • Provides stunning visual effect
  • Even heat distribution
  • Can serve as a partition in between rooms
  • Best placed in areas where you spend most of your time with the family
  • Side
  • Balances the heating and the design effect by installing two fireplaces on either side of the floor.
  • You can install a duct system to distribute heat to farther corners of the house.
  • Double-sided heating
  • Check for scenic vistas through the gap.
  • Consider see-through units for unobstructed views.
  • Corner of the home
  • Best for those who do not want their fireplaces as the centrepiece of their homes
  • Ideal places: kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining area
  • Suspended type
  • Sometimes come with a rotation feature for heat shifting in the direction you want
  • Outdoors
  • Perfect for families who love spending time in the backyard

You can always ask for the opinion of an expert for better options.

The Difference Between A Heat Pump And A Furnace

In a place where the climate is cooler than the other part of the world like Norway, the heating system is normally needed. The most common method or technologies available for heating the house is by the heating pump and by furnaces or boilers. All of which, would ensure to make our life comfortable. However, the deciding factor on which is suitable to use is normally the climate.

However, a lot of people are still unaware of what is the difference between these two heating systems. Is the other better than the other one? Well, without further ado, let’s start giving you the difference between the two. Here they are, as follows:

  1. Furnaces

Furnaces heat the homes through combustion, a traditional process of burning oil or natural gas and send the heat into the home with the use of a fan. When it comes to efficiency, the furnace has a 98 percent rate of efficiency, only 2 percent of the fuel burned escapes with combustion fumes when they are vented to the exterior. But a house that uses furnace needs a separate air conditioning. 

Moreover, furnaces having fewer mechanical parts, the probability of breaking down is not high and regular maintenance is not really that required.

  • Heat Pump

On the other hand, a heat pump (varmepumpe) does not produce heat from a fuel source; instead, it uses electricity and refrigerant to extracts heat from outside air moving warm air through your home. Heat pumps have double-duty; it could be used as an air conditioning too. In addition, since it uses electricity, heat pumps are noted to be 300 percent efficient however the climate will be a deciding factor for the reason that heat pumps heating performance may change if the temperature falls below freezing point. Furthermore, being able to act as a cooling and heating system, heat pumps are more cost-efficient. Besides, they are very easy to install and it operates more soundlessly.